Privacy Policy


 I. Introduction To Privacy Policy

        1. This privacy policy sets out how uses and protects any information that you give when using this website and or our services.

         2. would first like to begin that the Imaxity website AGREES TO not and shall not scam, sell, distribute, abuse, steal, make false claims, lie, discriminate, violate, solicit commit fraud and/or incriminate our registered users. If you feel that website has violated these terms and policies, you agree to contact us directly first and foremost before taking any unnecessary action on your own. Imaxity extremely values their users and want to stay in business as a startup company we cannot allow having a bad reputation. On behalf of the Imaxity team we thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

         3. If we should ask for any private information it is to insure that you are identified as a real person behind your account. We will

 need private information to contact you for any questions or answer to insure we provide the best quality service and product that

 we can offer once you have a successful production campaign.

        4. We absolutely do not share your information with anyone, other than anyone working for or under such as payment

 partners. Imaxity is a safe and secure site dedicated to keep your personal information between site holder and you. We would like

 to stay in business as long as possible and trust and honesty between our users and having leaked information from us is


 II. What personal Information we collect

        1. When you create an account and register to be a user we will ask for the following criteria:

                   A. Your Name
                        Your name or user name is what we use to identify you by. Who or what you want to go by is entirely up to you using your

                        real name is not required.

                   B. Email Address
                       We need your email address to authenticate your identity and a way to contact you if you have reached your goal, to get

                       back with you for any questions or concerns, or to possibly connect with you if you are enjoying our service or not.

                   C. Password
                       When registering we will ask for password this is for you to login to your account or if you are experiencing any trouble or difficulties or experiences any kind of problems we will go in and fix it as soon as possible.

        2. It will be necessary for Imaxity to collect donation payment transactions if you voluntary choose to go through our web service system please check listing below for examples.

                   A. Credit Card or Debit card Information

                   B. Address

                   C. Expiration Date

                   D. Three Digit Code

       3. Additional Information that we will ask from you once you have successfully funded your episode or if may be series. This will ensure us that you are definitely a real person behind your account and production will be under way and we will prompt you with our necessary process and procedures. We will contact you for these information and much more privately.

                   A. Telephone Number
We will contact you by email to obtain your phone number so that we can discuss your production needs and reviews.

                   B. Password
Since we do not record or hold on to users passwords we would need this to land this episode into your drop box area section for our programmers.

                  C. Stripe Payment Or Billing information
This is for us to transfer payment to you.

                  D. Legal Name and Age
When we contact you we want to address you by your real name, not your username.

 III. Sharing Information With Legal and Payment Parties

          1. You agree by accepting our services, you give the necessary right to release your data and personal information to law enforcement if any of our terms has been violated under your behalf. We will comply with legal law enforcement to prevent fraud, abuse or any standard of hacking. Your personal information will be release to our local law enforcement immediately to protect Imaxity servers and legal rights.

           2. We do not and will not share your personal information with outside sources or hired parties that are not working or associated with Nor will we share it with other registered users on our site. We work solely with the account holder, unless the account holder is not of age. We then work with legal guardian if guardian he/she chooses to.

          3. You agree if payment is being process or transfer to. To allow our payment partners associated with us to use your personal information to comply with payment to you and to the site. However we do not store or keep or sell any sort of credit card data information to anyone. We do not keep it on file.

 IV. Sharing personal Information to beneficiaries.

          1. You agree to that the Imaxity website is not responsible for any personal information that you (The account holder) share with your beneficiaries.

                     A. Do Not Share Credit Card Information
Credit card information should never be shared, release or sent to any beneficiaries or other registered users on the site. Please be responsible with your own personal information.

                     B. Addresses and Emails
When communicating with beneficiaries we understand that this is something that we cannot control. When trying to send benefits to your beneficiaries. You may have to release your address if you are a beneficiary, but only your address depending on what the account user crowd-fund production page is offering. Emails may be exchange as well from user to user.

                     C. Purchase to Purchaser
Whenever a registered user purchases a benefit from another user's crowd-fund page, their invoice will be sent to the web-master as recorded information in case of a dispute. Invoices will also be sent to the crowd-fund holders account page in their earnings page and will also be sent to that account users email as well. It will be up to that user to keep up with their records and their benefit requests.
C-(1) Premature Proceedings
Registered Account users should not begin benefits promises until after production goal is met. Only then shall the account user begin benefits promises until after production goal is met. Only then shall account user begins beneficiaries requests, otherwise failure to do so, your action is called a Premature Proceedings and your hard-work and time will be lost.

 V. Notifications

           1. Either the site, users and or account users will receive notification alerts letting users know another account user is trying to communicate with them.

                          A. Messages
                               Register users can click on the private message icon located in between the Ad-Space section and Imaxity character. Users will be able to exchange private messages and personal information at their discretion.

                           B. Purchase and Purchaser Notification
Anything that you purchase whether it is from a user's crowd-fund benefits page or a purchase from the website, you will always receive a private notification on your account as a private invoice notification on your Imaxity account page and in your email.

                           C. Imaxity Privately Notifying Users will not and shall not contact other registered user's private notification on your account, when receiving a private invoice notification on your Imaxity account page and in your email.

                            D. Emails
Any email that will be sent to you or from us will be private. Unless we are sending newsletters, updates or blogs keeping up with information that's going on with the site, it may be a blast email shared with other subscribers or users.

 VI. Privacy With Minors

           1. When registering to the website for users between ages 13 to 17
Protecting minors information is extremely important to us however we expect our users to be 18 years of age. Nonetheless we are fully aware that this issue can't be helped. We here at Imaxity highly recommend and expect that if you use our services whether it's uploading, crowd-funding, watching, etc. that you are under adult supervision. If we find out that we have collected or have the reasonable evidence that a child has or is containing sensitive personal information, we will investigate the situation and remove, delete and/or banish that personal information and that account as well. You agree to contact us first if by any chance Imaxity is holding personal information of someone, with providing evidence backing your claim, if proven that a minor is holding personal information and that it exists.

 VII. What is Viewable Publicly

             1. Imaxity will publicly display your basic information such as User name, Photo's, Cover art, Videos, Stats and posts.

                              A. Comments
Users can write in comments on other users story content and it can be displayed publicly.

                              B. Profile Information
This goes for bios, titles, story descriptions, benefits descriptions, account descriptions, and blogs you publicly post.

                              C. Content
Imaxity is a heavy content driven service. This will include successful production campaigns, shows, artwork, cover art, videos, posts and submissions.

                               D. Pages
Pages that will be viewed publicly are your book profile page, Crowd-fund page and Activity Log page.

                               E. Functionality Status
Functionality status is referred to as your views and subscriber counts. For example, all of Imaxity built in features, Imaxity will show numbers of book creations, number of subscribers and followers amount of "Views", "Like", "Dislikes", author's time clock count down and author's production status.

 VIII. Changes to Privacy Policy

              1. When we make any type of changes to the Imaxity website, we will inform our users either through notification or email in terms of our privacy policy. Imaxity encourages users to read over any changes made to any of our terms and policies.

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