Frequently Ask Questions

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  • Q: What is Imaxity ?

    A) Imaxity is your gateway to have your manga or web-comic animated by professional animated studios. Imaxity acts as agents and producers using many of your chapter pages as story boards and your written scripts that you submit to us. We give you the necessary tools to help build your community and subscribers to see how many of your fans wants to see your series. After you have successfully made your goal we then go into your initial process contact you and the rest is history. Imaxity want to bring new anime from indie manga or comic creators around the world making the website a fun new web streaming site for everyone to enjoy in the community.

  • Q: I'm a animation Studio looking for work for Production. How can our company receive contract negotiations from Imaxity ?

    A) Easy normally our company reaches out to studios for work and contract negotiations for terms of agreement, however please reach out to us immediately so that we can have you on for first call list from a successful campaign. Enter your companies name, Website, Phone Number and a person to whom to contact for your services.

  • Q: What you can and can not edit in your campaign ?

    A) Once you create your crowd-fund page there are only a few things you can and can not take back. You can edit your videos text profile & upload post. What you can not take back are beneficiaries promises and money quote's that you set for your manga to anime production campaign. You will not be able to change or alter the time clock, you will also will not be able to change your required set goal that is set by us.

  • Q: How do I Fund authors manga's or comic's ?

    A) Its easy when you read any manga or comic on the site you can click on the fund button and help donate to your favorite author's book to go into production. We go through the Stripe Payments

  • Q: When is my card charge ?

    A)Your card will be charge immediately as soon as payment has been made and it will be place in our holding feature in case of any refund would occur if authors manga or comic doesn't make there goal.

  • Q: If this manga to anime Production is successful how will I or my beneficiary view it ?

    A)Many ways, here's how it works author will receive a notification first to engage to his or her fans letting them know that the episode is completed. After that the authors subscribers and beneficiary will also get a notification letting them know that the episode is completed And will be shown and clickable to the authors drop box link as a clickable link taking you to watch the episode.

  • Q: Does it only have to be anime ?

    A)No. We encourage manga comic's and or graphic novels alike.

  • Q: Can I add funder's/beneficiary in the credits as contributors ?

    A)Yes. It will be up to the authors to add this in when they turn in there script and chapters so that we know who has contributed and put into the opening and credits.


  • Q: When will I receive the cash back reward ?

    A) As soon as possible once authors campaign is a success we do our best to contact you and go through standard procedures and send it to you by pay-pal, Stripe or any other via transfer's

  • Q: Is this website safe ?

    A) Yes. we want everything to be in the best interest of our users and we do our best to satisfied or take care of any concerns that you may have. Imaxity is a legitimate platform and business that has zero tolerance in scamming or lying to its users. .

  • Q: What if I do not reach my required goal ?

    A) Unfortunately when the timer clocks down and you still have not reach your goal, all the money raised will be refunded back to the supporters. But never fear because you can always try again.

  • Q: How will I know if someone donates to me?

    A)You will receive a notification on your account page email, and earnings section on the site. It will say who it was, how much they participated in your production and whether or not they are a funder or beneficiary.

  • Q: Can I donate from a mobile device?

    A) Not yet where still working on the mobile device feature, In order for our mobile device app to work we need indie authors to constantly upload there stories so we can keep it fresh and new to keep user to keep coming back we will have it up soon once we hit our goal of submissions.

  • Q: Advice to have successful crowd-funding campaign ?

    A) Sure, to have a successful campaign you must engage with your subscribers keep them coming back let them know you just uploaded a new chapter or 10 new pages, tell them to share it with there friends and family, ask for ideas new story arc where you might want the story to go what would make a awesome cliff hanger, offer some awesome benefits and more. Most importantly just engage with your audience.

  • Q: What if I want my anime or animated story in a different language ?

    A)This will depend on your script however in terms of voice actors and dubbing your anime will either be in Japanese or English depending on your script however if your from a different country other than Japan or the United states we will make sure that the script that you submit will be sub in post or pre-production with subtitles for your audience and subscribers.

  • Q: What can I do with my cash back reward ?

    A) Its your reward your choice do whatever you feel is necessary that's between you! However even though we are not liable between you and your beneficiaries. We expect you as the author to fulfill any benefits that you may have made to your beneficiary that was posted on your crowd-fund campaign page. We also request but not obligated if you wanted to have a successful campaign that we hope you use the cash reward to help fund your next book volume for a episode 2 production. Let your fans know whats going to happen next, one chapter at a time, this will give your fans more initiative to support you and your story this will also help them to stay up to date on your progress.

  • Q: Do I have to be a subscriber to fund or Donate ?

    A) No. You only have to be a user to subscribe or donate. Subscriber's do not necessarily have to donate if they do not want to. And the subscribers will be able to view any successful production campaign in your Episode drop box link.

  • Q: When will I know my anime or animated show is done ?

    A) Right, you will receive a link inside your episode drop box link allowing you to watch your show! to you and your beneficiaries and subscribers. After a few month passes your episode will go live and public on the site for everyone else to view.

  • Q: If projects are not successfully funded do I get a refund ?

    A) Yes, Imaxity is a all or nothing campaign system ...unless the aurthor/artiest can raise a minium of 10% of there required goal amount.

  • Q: Can I put my Hentai manga into a anime ?

    A) No you can not, we here at Imaxity will not be making any type of pornography, into a anime at all. If you happen to get reported or caught submitting a pornographic manga/comic story into production your account will be suspended and refunds will be sent back to your beneficiaries funder and etc. If you wish to make a pornographic comic or manga story we encourage you to keep it as a ongoing manga/comic chapter series. Which is something that we do allow.

  • Q: How long will my show take to complete from production ?

    A) It depends, once you go through some necessary procedures we then calculate who is ahead of you, how many episodes you have funded and depending on third parties availability and studios availability. Once production has commence we then go to post production and forward, this kind of work can take up to a possible 9 month process or a year or two depending on the circumstances of your project. However we guarantee production will be delivered and broadcast as promise.

  • Q: How much control and dictatorship will I have over my production project ?

    A) Unfortunately not much we need complete control and dictatorship on how to run production and directed that includes animation,sound design, voice actors, run-time, editing, most importantly to not go over budget and etc… We will do our best to match up the art style, being consistently with the plot and fulfill the needs of the script. Please learn more in our terms and conditions page to understand why we need control over the production.

  • Q: What kind of benefits can I make for my beneficiaries ?

    A) Good question, here are some examples and ideas of some unique offers and request that your beneficiaries can have inside the episode " Donate $ 50 and I will name a character after you or for $100.00 I will put in the script a special quote you want a character to say" or for 1000.00 send me a customize character to put inside my manga or comic and it will be previewed in the episode "for 2000.00 I will make you a relevant character in my series with a signed exclusive NEW chapter pages of the next manga or comic book explaining episode 2. And last you can do for $20.00 once campaign has been met I will make a video promoting your manga or comic book page. These are the many ideas you can have to raise money and offer to your beneficiaries that wants to support. Its really about how far you can take your creativity and can you raise and fund-raise your passion and love for your book?

  • Q: Can I use other characters from another anime show into my production campaign ?

    A) No, you can not use other characters from other anime shows, T.V. or animated series to put into production. However if you wanted to use them as fan art your welcome to do so or upload as a "What if" chapter series your welcome to do so. However please keep in mind this may disqualify you in becoming partnered with

  • Q: What happens if I get a DMCA report ?

    A) (Digital Media Copyright Act) This means you have been reported for work that isn't yours or your crowd-fund campaign has characters or names that are not suitable for production.

  • Q: Does my production show belong to me as copyright use?

    A) Unfortunately, no, it does not please read carefully because this is important. This may not sound pretty but this is what differentiate us from other crowd-funding sites, such as Kickstarter and Patreon. Our ultimate goal here at is to brand and stream new anime or animated content on other networks or platforms if possible. Helping authors manga creators storytellers and artist gaining more recognition and a higher reach of audience  bring new successful idea's helping them grow in the near future. In order to do this we must hold the rights to your successful campaign shows otherwise it is unnecessary for us to go out in our efforts to help bring it to life. We want anime to be showcased and viewed. This will help us as a company expand and help other anime enthusiast watch and review new shows and stories from unknown manga creators. If you want to learn more please read our terms & conditions page.

  • Q: Does Imaxity guarantee finish completed successful funded production projects ?

    A) Yes! when your manga or comic is successfully funded we absolutely guarantee finish shows and uploaded to the Imaxity website.

  • Q: What If I want a refund while campaign is still in progress ?

    A) You will not be able to receive a refund while campaign is in progress because our servers and program needs to calculate how much authors are advancing and we must prepare for there advancements. We are also looking out for our authors as well who are working hard to fund-raised there production we can not allow there work being fluctuating up and down, that's to much of a hassle. We look at it as sale are final until proven otherwise from author.

  • Q: How many Campaign's can I do ?

    A) One campaign at a time per book, if your campaign fails you can always try again with another book. In the near future we will be working on more books to be funded under one profile in the futures but as of right now to keep up with funding we only allow one book per profile.

  • Q: If I want can I take out more than 5,000 out my cash back reward ?

    A) Yes, If you like to subtract more than 5,000 of the funding you may absolutely can. However by doing this you will lower the quality of your show and production value for example your runtime will shorten you will lack animation and you may have bad voice acting. What will also happen is our 5% fee will increase depending on how much more you want out. The max amount you can subtract is 8,000 please keep this information in mind when starting your campaign.

  • Q: Does my Manga/Comic need to be in English to be funded ?

    A) Although we do cater to the Japanese market and want everyone to have a enjoyable experience with our site. Unfortunately we do required you to have your script and work already translated into English once you have a successful campaign. The reason for this is because the website is stationed in the United State and once your campaign is successful our main focus is to get it into production and not worry about translation.

  • Q: When I start my campaign how much time will I have to successfully raise my goal before the time clock run's out ?

    A) The time clock will give you a proximately 112 days max to complete your campaign, although you are able to set your days that you feel you will reach your goal. We want all campaigns to succeed into production which is why we give you enough time to accomplish your goal. However campaigns can't last forever unfortunately the imaxity team can't have campaign sitting forever in limbo and never getting funded as a curtsy to the funders and beneficiaries we have to cancel your campaign and refund your beneficiaries and funders once time clocks down.

  • Q: Could my manga or comic production get cancel ?

    A) Yes. please read carefully to understand how, if even if your successful campaign is funded that it can still be cancel please present us with professional understanding work.

     a. If by any chance if you do not present to us your manga chapters, pages and scripts That we fill consist of one episode within 7 to 10 business days we will cancel

     b. If handwritten script is unreadable and art work is undefined and not cleared we will cancel.

     c. If your work is pornography in any means we will cancel.

     d. If you have copy-written characters from other shows we will cancel. (we will go through some initial background check on your work before going into production for our safety)

     e. If you by any chance ignore us when trying to reach you or if we can not get ahold of you we will cancel.

     f. If there has been suspicious hacking or site tampering activity on your account you will be investigated and we will cancel.

  • Q: Are Video's required ?

    A) Yes and No If we meet our goals in the voting competition to turn your anime into a series then yes we will ask for videos. However for non voting manga or comic creators and just want to upload pages then No videos are not required.

  • Q: How do I receive payment ?

    A) You will receive payment through your account or pay pal account. If necessary we can mail in your check.

  • Q: How will I receive my benefits if author made any ?

    A)That will be between you and the author we understand that privacy information may have to be exchange! please evaluate the person whom you are donating to and trust?

  • Q: How many manga/comic Profiles can I create?

    A) Currently at this moment only one. In the near future as many as you want and as many stories you want to tell.

  • Q: When is pornography is allowed ?

    A) Only when your creating manga or comic's, we want to inspire and showcase your Imagination, creativity and fantasies. That is what is all about is expressing who you are and writing untold stories weather it be pornographic down right cruel or extremely controversial we do not want to censorship your freedom to create. However boundaries must be set in place for our protection and viewership and what kind of a website we are trying to be.

  • Q: What if I do not like my episode

    A) That would be highly unfortunate we understand that we won't be able to please everyone when adapting your pages on to screen. Please understand that we are in your best of interest to produce quality work such as real anime and comic production pieces however if you do not like the results of how we tried to re imagine your story. Then you have the right to not use our manga to anime production feature at all.

  • Q: What happens to the episode after everythings over ?

    A) It will be stored in our data base and kept on the site for newcomers to watch.

  • Q: How graphic or gory can my book be for production ?

    A) Go all out we will not shy away from gore and nudity.

  • Q: Whats the difference between funders and beneficiaries ?

    A) Funders and beneficiaries are one of the same funders are people who ask for know benefits at all and just wants to help out with the process of production. Beneficiaries are people who may want something as a benefit to them while also viewing the episode produce. Funder and beneficiaries will be recognized as investor's on the site being recognizing for there contribution, this will help for others to reach out to them for more unique and awesome benefits from authors.

  • Q: What is a "What if" story?

    A) An "What if" story plot are stories that already exist on other popular show's and you come up with creative what if plot points changing either the ending or entire story together in your own chapter series. However please keep in mind by using other characters from other show's automatically disqualifies you to campaign a what if story and it can also not lead you in getting a partnership with the site for copywriter characters what if plots are fun but that's all that it can be are just fun posts artwork and story!

  • Q: What if I'm getting to many dislikes on my chapter pages ?

    A) This is something that we can't help. We feel that dislikes are necessary to show whether or not the author is even trying to be an creator or just using there fan base to rank up and not uploading. We also have it for constructive criticism and to monitor from what they were to where there at now. And last we use this feature to see what people are reading and what they want to read in our data mainframe.


  • Q: What if I want to crowd-fund my production campaign from another platform such as Kickstarter, Patreon or Gofundme etc ?

    Sure, If you wish not to use our crowd-funding feature for your production campaigns you have the right to crowd-fund it somewhere else. HOWEVER! when transferring your production cost you absolutely must go through our payment system, agree with our contract terms and conditions, completely fund-raise the complete total amount, have all storyboards, all character design, script, dialog, background art completed ready to send, an refund will not be possible, and you will not be given any form of .RAW file or footage of any sort. The episode will only be streamed and watched from our website once finish. Please keep in mine we are not responsible for any perks, awards, gifts and or updates of the process that you promise on other sites. Business arrangement will be done strictly onto Imaxity and our platform. Please look over and read through other fund raising websites terms and conditions to learn more if there conditions allows it.

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